Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent Calendar Round-Up

Remember those crappy cardboard and glitter advent calendars of yester-years?  The doors are officially open to a new age of counting down to Christmas!  These are some of my favorites this year that provide a magical spectacle and really pack a punch.

via Pickles
I especially love this one because it can be used year after year, only takes the tiniest of presents, and can be rolled up and stored away with ease.

Handsome image and idea, though I think the larger gifts should be saved for Christmas itself.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves here....

This is made out of small tins.  They could be magnetized to stick to the refrigerator door...

Start saving those matchboxes!  This is adorable.

I do like the ones using clothespins.  This minimalist design looks nice with variously wrapped packages, but also with nothing attached.

A great use for all those cardboard toilet paper rolls.

Finding 25 tiny gifts can be a challenge.  I usually find myself in Chinatown buying some erasers, wind up toys, stickers, candies.  I also try to get some useful items in there like chapstick, samples from Kiehl's, ribbons for wrapping Christmas gifts, little packages of nails, thumbtacks, wire ornament hooks, and tiny Christmas tree ornaments.  Any other ideas?