Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Pink and White Breakfast In Bed

Happy Valentine's Day! I know a lot of people dread this holiday. It is either a downer because there is no one to share it with, or too stressful because the expectations are high. Yes, in mainstream culture this holiday is primarily for couples, but remember back in Second Grade? The whole class would be cutting and pasting valentines together, giving one to everyone, sharing chocolates and wearing pink and red. This is how I still like to think of Valentine's Day. Ok, ok: I am spending the evening with my very special valentine. But I also e-mail and call my parents and friends to send them virtual kisses. I wish I could make and mail valentines to everyone because for me that truly is the epitome of the day. Perhaps that is a project for next year. But this year I'll be sharing ideas for breakfast and dinner.

Breakfast Menu

Heart Shaped Scones with candied orange peel

Scrambled Eggs

Sliced Strawberries with sugar and balsamic vinegar

Butter and Berry Jam

Coffee and Tea

And a scattering of paper hearts….

I chose dishware in pink and white, and set everything up on an industrial sized aluminum baking sheet. This baking sheet is a versatile kitchen accessory. It doesn’t fit in my tiny oven, but I use it as a surface for icing cookies, drying fresh pasta, and also as a tray when I need a really big one -- like for a breakfast in bed!

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