Monday, April 9, 2012

Sweet and Swedish

My friends came to visit last week from Sweden, and they brought a cheery Easter gift for me: a decorative paper egg box filled with a selection of their favorite childhood Swedish candies. We had a lot of fun munching on sweets. They shared their candy related childhood memories, and I tried their Swedish treats for the first time.

Then, on Friday while meandering down Bleecker Street, we saw a sparkling white Swedish candy store and we stopped to inspect the goodies.

Image via Sockerbit
Image via Sockerbit

The shop is called Sockerbit and has a huge array of imported Swedish candies, including some of the same ones my friends had given me, and the very same Easter egg boxes. It was a double whamy: first my friends' handpicked gift, and then a store right here in NYC where I can continue to indulge in brightly colored gummy pacifiers, tiny boxes of candy, and salted licorice.


  1. Yum! You know what? I stopped by this very candy store last time I was in NYC and purchase my favorite sour belt candies here! I should have tried something different but I love my sour candies too much! :) -Karina