Monday, July 9, 2012

Every Day Delights: The Bare Branch Indoors

Image via BashPlease

I found this photo of BHLDN's booth at The Cream Wedding Showcase and stowed it away in the recesses of my brain as an idea for my friend, Caitlin's, wedding.  Since then I've found myself drawn to bare branches mounted on walls.  Maybe it's the minimalism, the shapes, the neutral colors, or just the fact that one normally sees branches sitting upright in a vase.  Find a branch you like and hang it on a nail, nestle it over a picture frame, or mount a bunch using some fishing line in one of those empty spaces on your wall.  It only costs the price of a walk in the woods.

Image via DesignSponge

Image via DesignTripper

My foyer

Image via DesignTripper

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  1. Love it! Maybe I'll try this in my new home!